Valorant Cypher Playbook

Valorant Cypher Playbook

The only Cypher Guide you’ll ever need


Cypher is the ultimate Spy in valorant. He has an array of unique gadgets that can cause trouble for the enemy team. Positional information of the enemy team is vital to win any fps game. Knowing where your enemy is, always helps hit them where it hurts and Cypher is here to help your team do just that. 

Cypher Abilities

  • Free Ability ⁠— Trapwire: Place a stealthed tripwire between two walls.
  • Cyber Cage: Toss out a remote activation trap.
  • Signature Ability ⁠— Spycam: Place a remote camera.
  • Ultimate—  Neural Theft: Extract information from the corpse of an enemy, revealing the location of their living allies.

Who should master this champ​

Cypher is a very defensive agent. His skills revolve around maximizing information about the enemy team on the map. He performs really well on maps like split and bind, only icebox stands as a tough map for Cypher due to its overall layout. If you are someone who holds the backline and ensures your team has all the information it needs to make its move Cypher is for you. His kit can easily hold sites and provide great plays to decimate the enemy team.


A Flexible Pick: Cypher is usually welcome in all team compositions. His kit if used smartly can make for some unique combos. As he can provide information on the enemy teams whereabouts the duelist and initiators on your team can really take good advantage and rack up some kills.

Fun to play: Playing as Cypher is fun. If you aspire to start a youtube channel or stream Valorant. Cypher can deliver some amazing plays and funny moments. Think about the entire enemy team spending minutes just looking for your camera because you’re tagging them so well it’s just Annoying!

Defense is the best offense: Become a true mind thief. This agent can definitely teach you the value of being patient. If you put about 100 hours to master this agent I guarantee that your map presence will improve. Skills like setting up the camera and tripwires help you critically think and logically act. A good Cypher literally just knows where you are! Creepy right? 


Lacks Damage Output: Cypher has no damaging skills and that totally sucks. If you’re caught up in a 1 vs 4 situation only your aim and big brain can save you. Cypher thrives at locking down sites but lacks self-defense across the board.

Carrying can get really tough: If your team throws away their lives and the weight of the cross is on your shoulders as Cypher. You’re in it for a hard time. Especially in a 1 vs 3 or more situation. There’s no way you can block a lane or even set up for information at this point because the enemy will just gun you down in seconds. This is where players run into a problem with Cypher. In no way is the agent bad but if your team doesn’t know what they’re doing as a Cypher you won’t either. Now I am not saying that there aren’t any hard carry Cyphers out there but again that’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

You need a big brain: Yea! you can be slow in interpreting the game. As a Cypher your setup has to be unique each round. Apart from your team strategy you need one of your own. If you get too predictable then you’re just not useful enough for the  team. Players can have a hard time dealing with this fact and it’s really not easy to think of new ways to fool your opposition in giving out their location each round.


Specter: Cypher is defensive so this is a really good gun for the 1v3’s or 5’s since it has a good spray.

Vandal: The infamous one tap Vandal headshot is lethal. Cypher is very defensive so this gun serves as a good offense.

Phantom: Personally my favorite gun for Cypher. It’s got good  spray great damage and you can get away with kills even if you’re not an aim God.


Play the Spy not Rambo: As a Cypher you need to be the smart guy in your team and pick your plays. Rush in guns blazing is definitely not your style. In Fact you’re an easy kill if you rush in because apart from the cyber cage you have no skill to get you out of trouble. And trust me, a cyber cage isn’t good enough.

Change as its constant: Don’t be predictable. Keep thinking of new ways to get your setup right. Understand the map and look for areas that can help you exploit the enemy team.

Communicate: Cypher’s camera is so important in the game if its set up right ohh boy the enemy team is in so much trouble I can’t stress enough on this. It’s still very important for you to communicate this information with your team. Cypher is also a great agent who can create epic team plays with informed calls.

Pro Tip

Be Logical:  Payers who are critical thinkers can be game changers with Cypher. If you are logical with your approach in the game expect many rounds with a flawless victory. That’s what Cypher can bring to the table. Pair up with your duelist and rain havoc over your foes.


Be the eyes that see everything! Be Stealthy, Be sneaky and decipher the Cypher.