Valorant Sage Playbook

Valorant Sage Playbook

The only Sage Guide you’ll ever need


The stronghold of China, Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. She is to revive fallen friends and stave off aggressive pushes, she provides a calm center to a hellish fight.

Sage’s abilities make her a key support in the game. Sage equips various orbs which can slow enemies, heal allies, or erect walls to control the battlefield. Her ultimate, Resurrection, can even bring dead allies back to life, swinging the balance of power in a match in seconds. Sage thrives when she’s behind her team, hidden from enemy fire.

Sage Abilities

  • Free Ability ⁠— Healing Orb: Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.
  • Slow Orb: Cast out an orb that breaks into a slowing field upon impact on ground.
  • Signature Ability ⁠— Barrier Orb: Conjure a large, solid wall.
  • Ultimate – Resurrection Orb: Revive an ally to get him back into the round.

Who should master this champ

Sage is a protector in the battlefield, keeping her teammates alive and helping to push through the enemy lines safely or guard the area by delaying enemy rushes.

But while sage is a protector, she is also very strong when played aggressively, as she can secure close corners denying the enemy of potential flanks, thus helping the team push ahead without any fear of backstabs.

So if you are a player who considers himself to have a balance of offense and defense, and is willing to carry his team to success by denying the enemy of potential plays should surely try playing this agent, as she is not only very strong but also has a lot of tricks in her bag which in the hands of a rightful player can lead his team through victory and beyond.


Given Sage’s ability to heal and revive players in the battlefield makes her a very essential pick in every roster.

Sage plays well in all kinds of scenarios, and is never outplayed by any agent currently available.

Also her slows and walls prove to be remarkably well in denying enemy pushes and flanks is one of the reasons for her being one of the most popular picks and also the reason why everyone loves having her on the team.


Sage may fall short when teaming up with agents such as Reyna or Pheonix who can heal themselves and won’t rely much on sage, thus making her ineffective.

Also agents such as Raze and Jett may make Sage’s wall and slows feel irrelevant due to their high mobility, however, Sage can still overcome that by finding out new creative ways to place her walls and slows to avoid them.

Purchase Priorities

All of Sage’s abilities should be given utmost priorities, for it’s the abilities that make her the Stronghold she is.

Next the priorities should be given to full armor purchases over full weapon purchases.

Sage performs well with almost all the weapons except the shotguns. The Shorty, Bucky and Judge are just not made for Sage, as she has to be amongst her teammates keeping her apart from her enemies.


Sage belongs in the back line of her team, from where she can not only keep her teammates protected but also keep herself alive and not die early game.

It’s no good to have a Sage dead early game, since the entire push depends on her.

Also, a Sage should never rotate alone. She isn’t an agent who break through the enemy team all by herself. She needs her fellow agents to do so.

Pro Tip

Tip #1: Always wall Mid while defending.

Sage is the one hero who can deny the enemy of flanks even without being there. It’s always recommended to wall the mid while defending as it takes away the enemies ability to flank, thus preventing a sandwich kinda situation.

Tip #2: Slow areas with potential peeks while planting the spike.

You are the most vulnerable while planting the spike. The audio que is so loud the every one nearby can hear it and predict your positon. Also, the one who is planting it cannot attack anything while doing so. Thus it is always recommended to save one slow for the corners with potential peeks while you or your teammate is planting the spike.

Tip #3: Never revive in open.

Need not be said, but, Sage should never revive her teammate in open, for not only it gives away your position, but also grants the enemy an easy extra kill.

Thus it is always recommended not to revive in open. One ca always wall the enemy side thus blocking their view and then revive if needed. Unless you want to bait the enemy into doing it :P.

Also, don’t always revive and waste your ability when not needed. Sage’s ability is on of the most valued abilities in the game and can help turn around the odds quiet significantly. That’s why you should only revive when necessary.


As Sage self-proclaims it; she truly is Both Shield & Sword…