Destiny 2: The Witch Queen  What can guardians expect from the new Bungie DLC!

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen What can guardians expect from the new Bungie DLC!


The cunning and forever scheming Witch Queen is finally here to bend our understanding of the light and create these pockets of doubt in our minds that will play a massive part in the story of destiny 2 moving forward. The build-up to Savathun has been interesting so far. So is this DLC going to be worth the money? 

Here’s everything we know about the Witch Queen to help you decide if this is the right DLC for you!

Alchemy Themed Gear:

Breaking up these sets of armour there are three, alchemical primes present on each set. For the Hunter it’s Mercury representing the planet Mercury on the titan it’s Salt so that would mean Saturn and finally, for the Warlock, it’s Sulfur which represents Mars.

A possible return to Mars:

In the game awards trailer, we do see Guardians return to Mars. This does mean that we could possibly be exploring a new zone on Mars and a few important campaign missions may be tied to this zone. There are speculations of players exploring Titan and Mercury and this can definitely be a possibility as it lines up with the Alchemic-themed gear sets.

A New Realm:

The hive has suffered a rather unjust past, and no one more than Savathun remembers it. With the light favoring humanity. I think it’s safe to assume that’s exactly where the hatred of Savathun steams out off. We will be challenged and, what better place to take the Queen of Hive on than her Throneworld. For the first time, It is all odds against us Guardians. 

Weapon Crafting:

For the first time, Bungie is going to introduce weapon crafting and this could be a game-changer. It’s still not clear how they would go about implementing this system, however, our guess is this feature should allow players to equip perks that they want on a weapon.


A new weapon archetype that does not look cool but can help guardians perform various combos, fire projectiles, and deploy life-saving shields.

Definitive Destiny Campaign:

Bungie is also promising “ The definitive Destiny Campaign”, which will be replayable for better and higher difficulties.

Void Subclass Overhaul:

With Beyond light seeing its fair share of praise, and criticism for stasis. Bungie has decided to rework the light subclasses starting things off with Void. Players can expect to see brand new abilities and a breath of fresh air into how every light subclass will play out as we dive deeper into the expansion.

New Raid:

The Witch Queen will be introducing a new raid. What makes this raid a big deal is that it’s set up inside a pyramid ship within Savathuns Throne world. So there’s a lot more to uncover here. Guardians are expected to uncover many new secrets.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Price and Deluxe Edition:

The standard edition of Witch Queen will cost players $39.99. Unlike Beyond Light, it is not expected to launch on Xbox Game Pass.

The Witch Queen’s Digital Deluxe Edition costs $79.99. The Deluxe + 30th Anniversary bundle costs £87.99/$99.99 and includes the 30th Anniversary bundle.

The Deluxe Edition will include:

Seasons 16 – 19.

Two Year-Five Dungeons

Exotic SMG

Catalyst ornament

Exotic Sparrow.

Deluxe Edition preorders: Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell, Enigma Exotic Emote, new emblem.

If you opt for the standard edition, expect each season to set you back £10/$10 or so – starting with Season 16.


The Witch Queen looks like a promising expansion and Bungie has done a good job building up the story so far. I’ve already got my Deluxe edition pre-ordered and I hope to see you in the game. “Eyes Up Guardians”

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