Is Elder Scrolls Online worth playing in 2023?

Is Elder Scrolls Online worth playing in 2023?

ESO is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Elder Scrolls universe. It offers a vast open world with diverse landscapes, quests, dungeons, and PvP content. The game has received regular updates and expansions since its release in 2014, introducing new zones, storylines, and gameplay features.

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding if ESO is worth playing in 2023.

Expansive and Detailed World: ESO offers a vast and detailed open world set in the Elder Scrolls universe, allowing players to explore various regions of Tamriel. Each zone has its own unique environments, quests, characters, and stories to discover, providing a rich and immersive experience.

Elder Scrolls Online Expansive and Detailed World

Engaging Storytelling: ESO features a deep and engaging storyline with quests that are often praised for their quality and attention to detail. The game offers a main questline, faction storylines, and numerous side quests that provide ample opportunities for players to delve into the lore and unravel intriguing narratives

Elder Scrolls Online Engaging Storytelling

Multiplayer Experience: As an MMORPG, ESO provides a multiplayer experience, allowing players to interact and team up with others in cooperative activities. You can join guilds, participate in dungeons and raids, engage in PvP battles, or simply explore the world together with friends or other players.

Elder Scrolls Online Multiplayer Experience

Diverse Character Options: ESO offers a wide range of character customization options and classes to choose from, allowing players to create their unique hero or heroine. Whether you prefer spellcasting as a mage, stealthy actions as a rogue, or wielding heavy weapons as a warrior, there are various playstyles to suit different preferences.

Elder Scrolls Online Diverse Character Options

Regular Updates and Expansions: ESO receives regular updates, patches, and expansions, introducing new content, zones, and features. This continuous support helps keep the game fresh and offers new experiences for both new and existing players.

Elder Scrolls Online Regular Updates and Expansions

PvP and Endgame Content: ESO includes PvP (Player vs. Player) gameplay with large-scale battles in designated zones, providing a competitive element for players who enjoy PvP combat. Additionally, there is a range of challenging endgame content such as trials and dungeons that offer rewarding experiences for high-level players.

Elder Scrolls Online PvP and Endgame Content

Player Housing and Customization: ESO allows players to own and decorate their own homes, providing a creative outlet for personalization and customization. You can collect furnishings, design layouts, and create a unique virtual home within the game world.

Elder Scrolls Online Player Housing and Customization

Subscription or Free-to-Play: ESO offers both a subscription option (ESO Plus) and a free-to-play model. The subscription provides various benefits, such as access to DLC content, a crafting bag, and a monthly stipend of in-game currency. Assessing whether the subscription or free-to-play model suits your gaming preferences can help determine the value you’ll get from the game.

Elder Scrolls Online Subscription Image

Lastly, we also have the latest Necrom chapter dropping in soon which will introduce a new class, reimagined locations that are bound to be exciting for Elder Scrolls lore-heads, multiple ancient mysteries to unravel, and tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles.