Hyper Scape: Battle Royale Gone Urban

Hyper Scape: Battle Royale Gone Urban


Hyper scape is the latest entry to the BR genre that elevates its gameplay more towards a whole new style which you can consider to call an urban-based combat shooter. This is a Free2Play battle royale game by Ubisoft – the developers of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow-six Siege and is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and it also supports crossplay and cross-platform save.

Hyper scape is a fast-paced first-person shooter battle royale game set in a futuristic VR simulation where players enter an in-game VR battle simulator and compete in crown-rush to be the ultimate champion. 

The world of Hyper Scape maybe a craft of modern science, but the true nature of it is way more than what meets the eye.

Survive the Future

In this world, by 2053, advancement in technology has taken over humanity transitioning it into a dystopian future where 10 billion people are living confined lives in suffocating mega cities. The world went astray 30 years prior after a series of climate disasters, overpopulation and rampant invasions of privacy transformed the world. 

Amidst this time of crisis, a company known as Prisma developed an escape. A fictional world known as the Hyper Scape was introduced and allowed the people of Earth to escape the mundane activities of regular life.

With the help of a VR stimulating tech citizens of the Earth could enter into Neo-Arcadia, this sci-fi world where users of the tech device could compete in “Crown Rush”, battle royale simulator, winning which players can use it to achieve real-life fame and glory.

Inorder to win the battle, one has to either capture the Crown, or eliminate everyone to be the last one standing.

Less intense-more fun

Unlike every other battle royale, Hyper scape is very fast paced and this gives hardly any time for players to plan and play it slow.

Even though it still is a battle royale / survival game, the face pace of the game is unforgiving and thus forces players to get into battles and thus lets them enjoy the action which others BRs may lack.

Also, the tone of the game is quite casual, with just one weapon from each class, it makes it easier for new casual players to enter into the game and still enjoy it to the fullest.

While other battle royales are designed to be safe and avoid entering battles, Hyper scape is a complete reverse of it, as it forces you to enter battles and enjoy the combats (the ones which you would normally avoid by hiding in a bush).


The map of Hyper scape isn’t a massive one. Neo-Arcadia is divided into landmarks and city blocks, and as the match progresses, a sector of the map is deleted. Players who are left behind in these deleted sectors take damage over time.

Also, Neo-arcadia has a lot of tall infrastructure which in a way encourages a lot of vertical battles, which in turn helps cope up with the lack of horizontal room on the map.

The infrastructure at Neo-arcadia is quite futuristically designed which makes it stand out of the regular grasslands and concrete houses of other BRs. However, the downside of this is that every area on the map looks the same, which is quite unpleasing and makes every fight or tactic feel the same.

Evolved Combat system

The weapons system in Hyper Scape is quite simple;

  • Just one type of gun from each weapon class.

  • Combine similar guns to evolve them and make them better.

  • Common ammo resource called Juice.

You can fuse weapons upto 5 times and each upgrade helps increase the damage, fire rate and the magazine size of that particular weapon.

Apart from Weapons, Hyper scape also has various types of skill packs known as “Hacks” which are scattered all over the map. From going invisible to transforming into an invulnerable bouncy ball, Hyper scape has a vast variety of skills that players can use to their advantage and win their battles. As cool as these abilities are, they are well balanced to prevent one ability to have any higher advantage over the other.

Another unique take of Hyper Scape is that while playing in teams if you die to an enemy, you don’t get knocked. Instead, you enter into a phased form where you can roam freely on the map and help your teammates track down your enemies for a while. And in order to get back into the battle, you’ll need to find an enemy corpse so that your memory can be installed into that corpse.

In-game transactions

Hyper scape uses in-game transactions related to a ton of cosmetics for weapons and characters. a special kind of in-game currency called “Bitcrowns” which can be purchased with real-world money.

These Bitcrowns can be further used to purchase some cool looking Cosmetics or the seasonal Battle Pass.

Final Verdict


Even though being late to the party, Ubisoft’s take on battle royale really brings in loads of innovation and uniqueness to the genre by changing the overall game style.

Hyper Scape is a game that is designed for new and casual players to enjoy it and play along with their friends, no matter what platform do play play on granted the cross-play feature, thus making this a great squad game to play without the fear of being trashed upon by mechanically good players.

The game looks great with the overall futuristic design and the graphics too is quite pleasing to the eye.

The game is really fun to play and can be a great start for new players to grab their hands on and be the ultimate crowned champion