Resident Evil in Dead by Daylight

Resident Evil in Dead by Daylight


The Resident Evil franchise has always been at the top of the charts when it comes to the Survival Horror genre. It was created by Capcom and has over 110 million units sold worldwide as of March 31, 2021.

I honestly was really late to witnessing the beauty of these games began my Resident Evil journey with the Resident Evil 2: Remake which amazed me at a whole new level. Not only was it spooky, but the storyline and the fear of lack of inventory where every single bullet mattered or missing a headshot could be death was breathtaking!

After so many years of speculating and craving for the Resident Evil DLC in Dead by Daylight (One of the best Online Co-op Survival Horror Games out there), the devs have finally answered all our prayers and the Resident Evil DLC is officially being released on 15th June, 2021. YES, THAT’S RIGHT! Just 2 days away from today! 😁

What will the DLC include?

If you purchase the Resident Evil DLC, you will gain access to 2 survivors, 1 killer and the map.

Any guesses about who are going to be the 2 survivors and the killer? 😊

Well, well, I’m guessing you guessed this right since you’ve already watched the trailer above!

We are going to receive LEON S. KENNEDY and JILL VALENTINE as the survivors! I mean HOW COOL is that now? Leon and Jill were the most favorite characters for a huge chunk of the Resident Evil player-base. Though, I really wished Claire would be a part of this too ☹ But that’s still okay as they may just add her as a skin later like how they added Jonathan as a skin for Steve in the Stranger Things DLC lately.

The Killer on the other hand is going to be none other than the badass tentacle weapon-wielding mutant – NEMESIS!

Nemesis is way too bulky and people were wondering how would he fit through the doors and vaults in-game but the devs have done a really good job there and he looks just as amazing and creepy as the Resident Evil 3: Remake.

The Map is going to be the best map in the entire franchise which is none other than THE RACOON POLICE DEPARTMENT!

Now you get to live the fear and survive in the scariest halls of the police station in Dead by Daylight! The entire map is going to be an indoor map but it includes the complete police station which is massive and spooky!

What are Leon S. Kennedy’s perks?

Leon S. Kennedy comes with 3 unique perks and his dashing looking personality 😉:


You’ve adapted to a changing world that is in chaos and making what you can from the debris.

After getting progress of 70% on any generator, Flashbang activates.

Enter the locker while you are empty-handed and press the Ability button to craft a flash grenade.

  • 1 charge.

  • Detonates with a loud bang and flashing light.

  • Creates a noise notification.

  • Can be used to distract or blind.

You leave the flash grenade behind while escaping the trial.

Rookie Spirit:

You keep a careful eye on objectives while they’re slipping away.

Complete 5 good or great Skill Checks while repairing generators to active Rookie Spirit for the remainder of the trial.

Once its active, you can see the aura of the regressing generators.

Bite the Bullet:

Pain affects you as much as it affects anyone, but you would prefer that no one knows.

While you heal up, you make no noise, which includes Grunts of Pain.

Failed Healing Skill Checks does not trigger a Loud Noise notification and only applies a Regression penalty of 3/2/1%.

What are Jill Valentine’s perks?

Jill Valentine comes with 3 unique perks and her drooling personality 😍


You know how to withstand and counter an enemy that is stronger than you, and it starts with hunting down and knocking out their support.

Your cleanse Totems 20 % faster.

  • You gain another stackable 20 % Cleansing Speed bonus buff per cleansed Totem.

  • After cleansing a Totem, the Aura of the Totem farthest from you is revealed to you for 2/3/4 seconds.


You have made a comeback from near impossible odds… and you will do it again.

After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, instantly gain 40/45/50 % to your Healing progress.

Blast Mine:

When the direct combat option is not possible, you still find ways to fight and strike back.

After repairing the Generators to 66%, the Blast Mine activates:

After repairing a Generator for at least 3 seconds, press the Ability button to install a Trap, which stays active for 35/40/45 seconds.

  • The Aura of Trapped Generators is revealed in yellow to all Survivors.

  • A Generator can only be affected by one instance of Blast Mine at a time.

  • When the Killer damages a Trapped Generator, the Trap explodes, stunning them and blinding anyone nearby.

Blast Mine deactivates after triggering successfully.

What are Nemesis’ power and perks?

Nemesis comes with 1 game-changing power, 3 unique perks, and his bomb-ass beefy figure 😀

Power T-VIRUS: The more your Mutation Rate grows, the more power you gain.

Mutation Rate 1: No special benefits.

Mutation Rate 2: Destroy Breakable Walls and Pallets with Tentacle Strike.

Mutation Rate 3: Slightly increases Tentacle Strike range.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Tentacle Strike
To charge an attack, keep the Power button pressed.
Once your attack is fully charged, tap the Attack button to unleash a Tentacle Strike.

To increase your Mutation Rate, hit the Survivor with a Tentacle Strike that also afflicts them with Contamination.
If the Survivor was already Contaminated, the Tentacle Strike will damage them.

Survivors who have already become Contaminated will suffer briefly from the Hindered Status Effect.

By using a Vaccine on themselves or other Survivors, they can cure Contamination.
Supply Cases located throughout the environment can have vaccines in them, but the number of cases is limited to 4.

After administering the Vaccine, the Survivor’s location is shortly revealed to the Killer by Killer Instinct.

The deadly T-Virus spawns 2 Zombies which roam about in the Trial Grounds.

When a Zombie successfully attacks a Survivor, the Survivor gets inflicted with Contamination.
If the Survivor is affected with Contamination prior to the attack then they receive damage.

Zombies can be destroyed with a Tentacle Strike which in turn increases The Nemesis’ Mutation Rate, doing so with a Basic Attack will not destroy the Zombies.

Survivors have limited options to interact with Zombies:

  • Blinding them to lose line-of-sight using Flashlightsor Firecrackers 

  • Destroying them to force a respawn using Pallets or Head On 

Destroyed Zombies respawn after a short time.

The 3 unique perks:

Lethal Pursuer:

As the name suggest, you are only designed to track down and eliminate targets.

At the start of the Trial, the Survivors Auras are revealed to you for 5/6/7 seconds giving you an advantage.


Once you brutalise one member of a team it causes a panic.

Putting a Healthy Survivor into an Injured state with a Basic attack causes all other injured Survivors to suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect for 20/25/30 seconds.

Hysteria has a cool-down of 60 seconds.


The NE-α parasite in you provides you with the intelligence and awareness needed to set a trap.

After kicking a Generator its Aura is highlighted in yellow.

  • When the Survivor you attack is put into the Dying State with a Basic Attack, every affected Generator explodes, regressing their progress by 6 % and causing their Auras to disappear.

  • Any Survivor repairing a Generator when it explodes will scream and suffer from the Incapacitated Status Effect for 10/12/14 seconds.

Eruption has a cool-down of 90 seconds.

Some glimpses of the Map

Watch the below video for more insights about Dead by Daylight Resident Evil DLC 👍

Should you buy it?

Well, I am in love with Resident Evil and hence I will be picking this up as soon as it hits the Store.

If you are a die-hard Resident Evil fan, you should definitely check it out as you get 2 of the best Resident Evil survivors and a one of the most merciless killers in the franchise which is just amazing to treasure!

The perks of the Leon and Jill are not that great and game-changing in my opinion except Counterforce on Jill and Flashbang on Leon. So, if you are purely a survivor who doesn’t enjoy Resident Evil, then you can skip this as the perks aren’t that valuable.

If you are a killer main and if you don’t enjoy Resident Evil either, you should still check this out as the perks are pretty good along with the unique power and ZOMBIES 😉

Let us know in the comments section if you are going to purchase this DLC or skip it.

Cheers and happy gaming until next time! 😊

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