Sea of Thieves : A Pirate’s Life

Sea of Thieves : A Pirate’s Life


At the recent E3 2021 showcase, Xbox announced the newest free expansion to their highly immersive pirate fantasy based game “Sea of Thieves” which is up for release on 22nd June,2021.

The new patch is named “A Pirate’s Life” and it has given us the first look of the most infamous pirate the seas have ever known – Captain Jack Sparrow, as to be an ingame non-player character, who embarks us upon a new adventure filled with treasures and mysteries.

Since launch, even though Sea of Thieves might have been the only game closer to letting players experience the life of a pirate, there was still something that kept a large segment of players from taking up the game.

But, this recent reveal of the game teaming up with the legendary pirate fantasy movie franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”; it seems to have filled the gap and this may attract a huge fan base to try the game out.

This new patch brings in some of the major characters from the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean; the one’s revealed uptill now are Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Gibbs; and the trailer also teases us the Flying Dutchman rising from beneath the stormy waves of the sea commanded by none other than ‘The Ruler of the Ocean depths’ Capitan Davy Jones.

Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life

A New Darkness awaits at the Horizon

Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life

From all that has been revealed to us at E3 2021 so far, the Pirate life is in danger. It seems that Jack Sparrow, who is now locked up in a ship stranded on a deserted island, had laid his hands on long lost treasure, a cursed one, and there has been a darkness following him from across the horizon to get it back.

This darkness if not stopped shall wipe out all of the pirate race, and we are supposed to stop this and save the Pirate Life. We help Jack Sparrow get out of the locker and embark together on an adventure filled with all new dangers and treasures to find while trying to stop the unknown darkness from wiping out the entire pirate race.

And, while we try to save the pirate legacy, there seems to be another major threat that follows us. It’s Captain Davy Jones on his Flying Dutchman, who is hunting our backs in search of the Lost treasure for himself.

The Pirate's Life is never easy

Sea of Thieves A Pirate's Life

This new expansion is an original story tale, which is supposed to be canon to the films. This gives the players a well crafted story to experience with their friends and in the journey to unfolding the mysteries of the sea. This expansion is also a great way to attract the movie fans to come and try the game out.

This is the collab which every Sea of Thieves player wished for. Surely the hopes are high on this patch, and it’s good to see that the dev team is trying their best to let its players best experience what it’s like to live a Pirates Life.

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