The Room Franchise

The Room Franchise


This review is coming from a non-gamer. The game is spooky and will surely get you hooked. The game was officially released on 12th September 2012. I purchased The Room One, Two, and Three on Steam during the Summer Sale. This game was originally made for IOS (touch screen game). The Room won Apple’s game of the year for 2012. The PC version has a different ambience altogether.

The Franchise

There are 4 different games and each of them have about 4 chapters, which in other terms can also be called levels.

–       The Room – Released: 2012 | Steam: 2014 | Chapters: 5

–       The Room Two – Released: 2013 | Steam: 2016 | Chapters: 6

–       The Room Three – Released: 2015 | Steam: 2016 | Chapters: 5

–       The Room Four – Released: 2018 | Steam: 2021 | Chapters: NA


The Objective
The Objective 2

In Room One, you have to navigate around a box and the table. While in Room Two and Three, you have to navigate between rooms, as the chapters progress. In Room Four, you need to navigate in a mansion and in that mansion there are different rooms. The main objective is to find inventory items and keys which will help you to make your way through to the next chapter. You need to read the notes carefully as there are riddles in them that can help you find your next key or inventory item.


It’s different. As the levels go higher, the spookier it gets. I didn’t expect this to be so much fun. You don’t need much, just your logical thinking and a mouse. (no controller or keyboard needed). The good thing about this game is that, wherever you stopped last, is where you continue the next time. As you progress through the game, you will realise that someone has been here before you, who has tried to solve this same mystery. Look out for those clues that will help you


The Ambience 1
The Ambience 2

As you start with the first chapter, the background music does give you a feeling that someone else is in the room, but it is just you trying to solve this. As you progress, the room gets more and more spooky. ‘The Room Two’ can be scary at times and can be annoying as you need to look! At times the item or key is right in front of you but because of the spooky dark/dim lighting, it can be really hard no matter how hard you try to look for it, and yes, I did try to push the brightness up.


I play this game on my laptop via Steam and I do not have any issue with the performance or graphics. I get a stable FPS. Since this is just a puzzle game, you don’t need any high-performance laptop. I own an Asus TUF FX505DY Gaming Laptop. The specs include an AMD Ryzen 5 chipset, an AMD RX560x GPU with 4GB of ram, 16GB DDR4 of RAM, and a 250GB Samsung Evo plus NVME M.2 SSD.

Target Group

– This is a typical Sherlock genre game.

– Those who enjoy solving puzzles and crime.

– Logical analysis

– Relax and play

– Those who want to take a break from the usual Slasher games

My recommendation

Go for this game if you want to just have some fun. Since this is a non-timed game, you can play it as slow as possible. It is not an action game it, only requires logical thinking and time to understand what is in front of you.

Final Verdict


While I mentioned this game was released in 2012, the graphics are still great! But I felt that they could have updated the simple clicks. There are times where you need to click the button more than twice or try and try to turn the keys.