Can Sylvanas be redeemed?

Can Sylvanas be redeemed?


There are some true die-hard Sylvanas fans out there in the World of Warcraft Community and that would include me too.

Sylvanas’s storyline has always been a tragic one, from being a blood elf ranger to being the undead queen. For those who don’t know Sylvanas or want to know more about the lore, you can watch Nobble’s The Story of Sylvanas Windrunner.

The Connection

So recently I was reading a Manga called My Hero Academia. Just to share a brief in this Manga there are quirk users (Super Ability) and among those quirk users, there is a villain called All for One. The villain quirk works in a way where he can take the quirks of users and also transfer those abilities to other quirk or non-quirk users.

Jailer and All for One

I put the above image to show you’ll the resemblance I found in this Manga. Hope you noticed it as well. Coming back to the Manga, in chapter 315 we learn about Lady Nagant and how she views the world of Super Heroes aka those individuals who use their quirk for the betterment of society. Just to give a brief about Lady Nagant, she is an Ex-Hero wherein she worked as an Assassin for the Government to assassinate the Bad Villians before they caused any problems, and these assassinations used to be done in the dark (without public notice). She started to hate the job once she had committed many atrocities according to her and assassinated the Public Officer who was in command of her department, even this information was hidden from the public and she was put in prison. 

Skipping to the present, the villain All for One got his minions to break her out of prison and convinced her to capture Deku and bring him to All for One. He even transferred a quirk to her as a gift that boosted her ability.

Now jumping to the chapter, after taking a beating in her battle against Deku (Izuki Midoriya) she finds the true meaning of being a hero and shows some emotions.

Lady Nagant's Change of Heart

Noticing that his plans to capture the protagonist were about to fail, the villain All of One had first only developed of a contingency plan.

While transferring a quirk that boosted Lady Nagant’s own quirk he also transferred a fail-safe that treats her like a bomb and she explodes.

Lady Nagant Explodes

After watching her explode, he says “In the end, you never managed to be anything more than a tool, only ever being used to meet other’s ends.”

Saving Lady Nagant

The Similarities

The Resemblance

We can see similarities between the Manga My Hero Academia and World of Warcraft of how the All for One and Jailer think alike. Both have treated their pawns like nothing but a tool, in the case of jailer we seen this with Sire Denathrius. We also see similarities where the Jailer has transferred some powers to Sylvanas, that’s how she was able to defeat Saurfang and as well as bring Bolvar to his knees.

In the Cinematic where she offers Anduin to join her and the Jailer, we have seen that she hesitates when she was asked to make a choice by Anduin Wrynn and we know the consequences of that story.

Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia didn’t know the price she would be paying if she failed, maybe Sylvanas hesitates due to the fact that she knows the consequences of defying the Jailer.

The Redemption Story I would like to see for Sylvanas

If you have been following the storyline of Shadowlands as I do, you would have noticed that Anduin Wrynn has been transformed into a Vessel of the Jailer, in the Chains of Domination Cinematic  you see Anduin striking down the Archon for her Key.

Anduin Stabs the Archon

During this trailer, we also see that Anduin realizes what he did and breaks out of the Jailer’s grasp to have a few seconds of regret for the atrocity he committed.

Anduin's Regret

Soon after that, we see the Jailer gain control of him again.

Even tho you might say the Jailer is not controlling Sylvanas and she is doing as she pleases, think in terms of the power bestowed upon her. There is always a catch to receiving great power, and now that Sylvanas has the power she is finding it hard to escape the clutches coming along with it.

Being a person who loves a great storyline, I understand that Blizzard won’t be converting Anduin from Bad to Good so soon as it won’t add up, and let’s give credit to Blizzard they have kept us entertained and craving for more all this time.

Now here begins the actual redemption, a story of how Blizzard can bring about the Banshee Queen and Anduin back to being the “Good Guys”.

After committing more atrocities for the Jailer, Anduin is finally able to break free from the clutches of Jailer due to there being a small glimmer of Light still present within him. The Light is able to fight for him from within the body and he is knocked out of the Jailer’s grasp. Since he has been working for the Jailer against his will but has all his memories with him, he understands the plan of the Jailer and realizes how strong the Jailer’s grasp is. He starts questioning himself that if it’s the same for Sylvanas and whether she had to surrender to the Jailer’s will all this while. 

As Anduin is a Goody-two-shoes guy wherein he loves seeing the sliver of good in people, he reaches out to Sylvanas and manages to convenience her that she should not worry about the Jailer’s consequences and she has his full support to go against the Jailer. Together they are able to convince their allegiance to the Heroes of Azeroth and with the combined forces are able to take down the Jailer for once and for all.

Since this is a story that I would like playing out instead of killing such a lore-driven character who also has a huge fan following and so much more potential. Killing her off as a villain just would be a shame to such a good story build-up.

If you have read till here and would love to see a Redemption Arc for Sylvanas, leave a comment and share this blog, I really do hope Blizzard will change the outcome if they have planned her doom!